General terms and conditions

Booking and cancellation policy

Booking and cancellation policy of Relax Hotel by Hévíz
When using this website, you agree to the terms regardless of whether or not they have read it..
Being unaware of the terms of use does not relieve anyone from liability, there can be no basis for any reference, in case they have been breached resulting in any damage or disadvantage at the expense of the present site and /or its operator.

Way of reservation and requesting an offer

Reservations are only accepted through the hotel’s online system. We cannot accept reservations or cancellations on the phone. Please give your personal deta6ils, in particular the contact details (phone number, address and e-mail address) accurately.

The accuracy of the information provided in the reservation is the responsibility of the guest. To avoid abuses, if the guest is not available via e-mail, or is on the phone number specified in the reservation, there is no way to confirm the lawfulness of your booking, thus Relax Hotel by Hévíz reserves the right to cancel the reservation whereby the right to be resided is canceled. We kindly request our guests with children to specify the age(s) of the child (ren) too! By submitting a reservation, the guest who has made the booking will acknowledge to be aware of the reservation and cancellation conditions and accept them. Our contact information is located under Contact.

Check in and check out

The accommodation can be occupied on the day of arrival from 15:00 to 19:00 and left on the day of departure from 8: 30 to 10:00. In the case of checking-out earlier than the confirmed date at the reservation, the guest must pay 100% of the accommodation fee. At check-in, please refund the balance of the accommodation fee by one of the following means of payment: in cash, by Szép card or by credit card (OTP, MKB).


Discounts for guests can are not cumulative! Guests are kindly requested to indicate the discount they wish to apply when booking.!
Extension of the deadline for the use of vouchers / coupons / vouchers and bonuses advertised at a discount rate
The hotel is entitled to extend the deadline for use of the packages / discount packages (coupon, bonus, voucher, voucher, package offer) sold directly or through its partners (online offices, “coupon portals”.

In such cases, the hotel informs the guest about the seasonal surcharges for the extended periods via the online booking surface (through the information box under the calendar). If a guest has a room booked for such periods (for a date over the time of availability / validity / applicability period indicated on the particular package / coupon / voucher), he must pay the surcharge included in the information.

Cancellation policy for special package offers

If you have made a valid reservation through our online system – in accordance with clause I) of paragraph 29§ 1. of section 14 of government decree 45/2014. (0226) – you cannot cancel the reservation. The hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation without the consent of the guest if the guest does not enter the coupon (voucher) code under the booking details or the balance of the reservation has not been paid.

If you purchased a coupon / voucher, you may, of course, have a right of withdrawal from the coupon / voucher within 14 days, in which case you must pay the original price of the package / coupon / bonus / voucher / voucher indicated on the offer (for two persons including surcharges) to the account of the hotel before the date you have booked! If we confirmed the reservation wrongly, i.e. not for the date, room type or number of rooms you were planning to make, please let us know within 72 hours, otherwise we will consider the confirmation accepted!

If a guest is informed on a promotional package on a web portal, then by clicking on the link in the promotion concerned (or clicking on another link to the online booking interface), then arriving at the hotel’s online booking area made booking for a “last minute” date (arriving at the hotel within 31 days from the date of booking), and then fails to order the promotional package on the portal concerned or within withdraw from the purchase within 14 days of regarding the online discount coupon / bonus / voucher / voucher, he must pay the original price of the offer of the package / bonus / voucher / voucher( for 2 persons including surcharges)t to the hotel account before the start of the booked period! For discounted-rate packages, we can accept amendments 31 days prior to the booked date the latest, depending on the available rooms. If at the request of a guest, the hotel will not be able to modify the booking date confirmed by e-mail, or if the guest does not occupy the accommodation for any reason (or has moved out earlier than the confirmed departure date) at the date confirmed in the last e-mail, the hotel considers the accommodation charge paid as used up, it will not be refunded and the associated surcharges have to be paid. The guest also have to pay the full price (including surcharges) if the guest arrives later or departs earlier than the arrival and departure day stated in the confirmation.

Cancellation terms for the accommodation packages ordered / purchased on listed prices

Please note that we accept requests to make changes or cancellations only via e-mail or the hotel’s online system, no later than 14 days prior to arrival. In the event of cancellation of confirmed reservations made by the reservation, the following rules apply: Deposits will not be refunded! If guests cancel their reservation at least 60 days before the arrival date, the total amount of the deposit will be available within 1 year after the cancellation for at least the same amount of bookings, except for special package offers, high season, holidays. Otherwise, the hotel considers the deposit paid to be used up, the guest loses the paid deposit and will not be refunded. Reservations or accommodation fees can only be accepted by cash, bank transfer, transfer from “Szép” card (MKB, OTP)! Deposits must be paid to the hotel within 3 business days of booking.