Our massages help to create the harmony of body and soul, providing true indulgence.
Tranquil moments of relaxation silence the tireless mind and help you experience the peaceful, happy reality of life.

Swedish massage:

Give your body the harmony with the classic Swedish massage! During your quiet and intimate moments, your body becomes more balanced because Swedish massage stimulates blood circulation, promotes the oxygen supply of your cells, and eliminates the tension of your muscles. Your will feel more relaxed, lighter, airy, so more contended and peaceful.

Honey Massage:

Take part in a real sweet pampering! Honey is also used by folk medicine because of its antibacterial effect and its high antioxidant content. It not only protects your body, but it also has skin rejuvenating and detoxifying effects. Its benefits was known as early as in the time of Queen Cleopatra too, and she preserved her beauty with milk and honey that kept her skin young. Beauty industry also exploits the beneficial effects of honey. Honey massage gives your skin softness and delicacy.

Chocolate Massage:

Try this delicious “mouth-watering” massage! Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, that is to say, helps to enjoy pleasures and find fulfilment in happiness. The endorphin – pleasure hormone – within has a release effect on both the body and the mind at the same time. It rejuvenates the skin, works against the cellulite and hydrates and regenerates the skin. When it is applied through the skin, fortunately, it does make you gain weight, but it also offers you a special experience.

Volcanic stone massage:

If you want to truly dissolve in pleasant experiences and get rid of the burden of everyday life, then choose this massage. This massage technique is proven in stress relief, detoxification and muscle relaxation. The heated lava stones work by pressing individual acupressure points. The energies of the body are liberated, the chakras – energy centres – are cleansed so you will indeed perceive a renewing, refreshing, liberating experience.