Float spa

A unique, special wellness experience in Hungary!

Try the experience of weightlessness and carefree existence while floating in water offering almost perfect body-soul harmony!
Floating means being afloat on the surface of water. This may sound surprising at first, but floating is achieved by means of a special cabin, which is a new device in wellness technology, where high-salt-content water provides the floating so beneficial to the body and soul. Your body as well as your mind will get into such stimulus-free and weightless circumstances (due to the sound and noise isolation of the cabin) that your brain reaches the so-called theta phase, that is, the state before falling asleep.
Your mind simply turns off and for a short time there is a lack of thought. This mental state is identified by many with the careless happiness of unconditional love. This is explained by the fact that a particular balance of consciousness, body, and brain can occur during floating.

If you try, you can experience happiness, and you can regain your physical integrity during the few minutes spent in the therapeutic session.

The floating cabin also has a scientific background.
The idea of a floating cab, that is, an isolation tank, came from American neuropsychiatrist John C. Lilly, who studied the effects of sensory deprivation in 1954.
The beneficial effects of floating therapy – termed Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) – have been corroborated by numerous experiments and measurements.
REST has similar benefits as relaxation training, hypnosis, meditation, yoga and massage; both in terms of its psychological and physical effects.

The most significant result of floating, which the whole method is based on, is that the body is relieved of the effect of gravity on your body. Your muscles, your joints (stabilizing muscles, skeletal muscles and moving muscles) become free of burden and completely relaxed.

Let your body indulge in the experience of floating SPA, and be one of the firsts who can float weightlessly by turning off the endless whirling of thoughts in your brain!